Automatically extract hardcoded strings

  • Top menu → Tools Run → i18n Ally inspections…
  • Specify what files to check (use “Whole project” if unsure) as described in the JetBrains documentation.
  • Open a tree of inspection results up to the last level.
  • Click on the first problem found.
  • Press Alt+Enter (called “Show Context Actions” in Preferences → Keymap)
  • Select extraction.
  • Select where to extract, if having a multiple translation files per language and confirm selection by pressing Enter.
  • Edit a translation key and confirm extraction by pressing Enter.

Install closed beta version from a received file

Install closed beta version from code

  • Go to Preferences, then Plugins
  • Click on the ⚙️ cog icon
  • Select Install plugin from disk…
  • Select plugin archive
  • Click apply

All necessary dependencies are bundled into PhpStorm:

  • Required (will be automatically asked to install):
    • org.jetbrains.plugins.yaml is used for detecting Symfony configuration,
    • com.intellij.database for storing and reading plugin settings and translation keys.
  • Optional (feature will not work if not present):
    • com.jetbrains.php for PHP source,
    • com.jetbrains.twig for Twig source,
    • org.jetbrains.plugins.yaml for YAML language file type.

Previewing the docs locally

Prerequisites: Ruby v2.*, Bundler.

  1. Clone the repo.
  2. Run bundle install --path vendor/bundle
  3. Run bundle exec jekyll serve --baseurl='' --config _config.yml,_config_dev.yml.
  4. Navigate to http://localhost:4000 and observe the docs.